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ASG & Smart Voice: An Innovative Partnership

ASG & Smart Voice: An Innovative Partnership

Australian Smart Group continues to be at the cutting edge of building automation technology in 2018. We are very excited because we have recently partnered up with another brilliant smart company from Australia that is the voice of the next generation of control: Smart Voice.

At ASG we know that commercial and residential building automation requires expert installation and integration of cutting-edge technologies. Be it in the kitchen or in the boardroom, all the devices, appliances and systems have to be controlled and tuned from a centralised control panel – until now. Smart Voice command for all your automation systems is a more natural, intuitive, convenient and futuristic way to control your smart home or commercial space.

What is Smart Voice?

Smart Voice is a cloud-based voice platform, supporting the integration of home automation controllers such as CBUS Wiser 2/NAC/SHAC, PUSH, Nero or Airtopia with Smart Speakers such as Sonos One, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and soon to come Apple HomePod. The portal is Smart Speaker independent, so only a single configuration is required to support multiple Smart Speakers devices. It is important to note that the global smart voice assistant speaker market will cross $4 billion, growing at an exceptional rate of more than 30% during the forecast period 2016-2022. In 2017 alone there was 300% growth from the previous year. With all the major companies releasing Smart Speakers (speakers with inbuilt voice assistants) we can confidently say that voice has truly become the next iteration in control.

Smart Voice works closely with another of ASG’s premier partners, Schneider Electric. Furthermore, Smart Voice is the first Australian organisation to have live simple smart home skills now on both Google Home and the Amazon Echo. Smart Voice can be used and implemented with all the platforms like PUSH, C-BUS or KNX with all services being available. After acquiring a Smart Voice control system license you gain access to the Smart Voice portal to set-up your connections, with ASG providing expert technical installations and tailored solutions for your residence or building.

It is clear in the graph below that customers have seamlessly integrated Smart Voice into their daily lives. Throughout the day, Smart Voice is used, and this is increasing every day.

It is definitely the way of the future, and the ease and convenience it provides are perfect not just in the home to turn on the coffee machine or lower the blinds, but in the office as well to turn off the lights and turn on the projector for a presentation. Within a smart home, we are seeing an ever-increasing demand, especially in the aged care and disability space that provides an improved quality of life. Overall, Smart Voice is an excellent platform for any automated building as it can also provide feedback on your smart devices, such as the current temperature. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at this video in which Scotty Cam showcases how Smart Voice has revolutionised his home – he loves it!

Smart Voice: The Future

Recent data shows that smart speakers are the fastest growing device that consumers are going to be adopting in the coming years. The graph below details how different devices are penetrating the American markets – and smart speakers like Sonos One show the fastest adoption rate – a trend that is most likely to be replicated in Australia.

Australia Smart Group teams up with other Australian futuristic innovators to provide the best in building automation technologies. Take control of your automated home or business with easy and adaptable commands thanks to Smart Voice as provided by Australian Smart Group. With ASG, the future is now – contact us today to kick off the new year by integrating Smart Voice into your smart residence or building.

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