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Automated HVAC: Go Smart to Spend Less

Function & Efficacy

A commercial building’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are very energy consuming, and in a traditional building (non-automated) can be a major drain on both energy and finances. Australian Smart Group delivers efficiency, cost-cutting and convenience through automation. The equipment and control for building automation (BACS) and the technical building management system (TBMS) don’t just offer general and specific functions, they provide energy management services and solutions suited to your organisation’s specific needs.

The implementation of modern and intelligent control technology on our heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can translate into great energy savings, especially in commercial buildings. Substantial energy saving can be achieved by optimising the control parameters of the systems.

You can count on Australian Smart Group to deliver complex and integrated energy saving routines, accompanied by accurate measurements of the trends of your energy consumption. We provide a reliable and tailored network of alarms and monitoring that can diagnose and treat any faults or deficits in energy savings. Rest easy knowing that there are automatic regulation and monitoring of all functions within the network. If what we want is to obtain the highest energy efficiency in our building, we must ensure that we have automation.

Energy Reduction through Optimisation

The shifting price of energy and regulatory requirements, increasingly more demanding, are driving up the interest on energy efficiency in buildings. How do we get our ventilation and air conditioning system to achieve the desired levels of energy efficiency? Australian Smart Group has the solution: building automation.

It guarantees that the generated heating and cooling energy is adapted to the real needs of each moment. Automation makes efficient use of heating and cooling by taking advantage of the available energy (and solar energy if installed), and the effects of nocturnal ventilation and cooling. By ensuring that energy is distributed efficiently throughout the building it minimises waste. You can easily establish an optimal setting for the ventilation and air conditioning, and the system takes into account weather and usage to be tailored to your need and convenience.

Smart Integration

If you want to substantially increase the energy efficiency of your building it is necessary to install modern and efficient controls of HVAC systems through automation as designed and installed by our expert technicians at ASG. Through our exclusive premier partnerships, we provide the best technology capable of managing these systems which integrates all systems within the network.

Automation systems within a building can use different communication protocols. Although the integration problems are usually solved by gateways, a single hardware element can replace several gateways. This includes providing centralised solutions such as the recording and storage of measured data, management of alarms, as well as a central graphical user interface. The integration platform supports multiple protocols that read information from several subsystems thanks to the advanced communication protocols.

Cost-cutting Efficiency & Convenience

Automation that is designed and installed by ASG  provides regular and intuitive heating and cooling of the building – taking into account trends in usage, the weather and season. Automation delivers the best indoor air quality for the comfort of tenants, through energy efficiency solutions and respect for the environment. Similarly, it controls the lighting, taking into account occupancy and the time of day. It manages HVAC and blinds within the same parameters mentioned previously. Furthermore, the control systems that make-up Building Automation offer fault detection of anything integrated into the network. Comprehensive security is delivered by smart video surveillance accompanied by access control. All this adds up to not only more efficiency and higher productivity, but also convenience on all aspects by streamlining everything related to building maintenance.

Contact ASG today to automate your building and start reaping all the benefits!

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