100 kWp Solar System

Australian War Memorial Treloar, Mitchell, ACT, Australia

100 kWp Rooftop Solar

The annexe stores thousands of exhibits of two types – equipment withdrawn from operational military use or items captured. These items are stored in the annexe due to lack of display space at the main display halls of the AWM in Canberra. Due to this, the space is constantly air-conditioned and maintained at a set temperature.

Project Highlight

The space is constantly air-conditioned and maintained at a set temperature due to the storage of valuable historic items in the building, meaning that the consumption of power generated during the day is 100% consumed by the mechanical load and other minor loads within the building reducing the overall energy cost for the client.

Technical Specs

100 kWp PV Solar System1 x 100 kW ABB Inverter364 x 275W Trinasolar PV Modules

Clenergy Solar framing combined with custom engineered fixing bracketsClass 3 Generator Connection Cubicle

The Challenge

The capacity and weight per m² of roof space we were allowed to apply to the roof was very limited. Due to this, the logistics of safely getting the solar panels onto the roof was a challenge. Also, the roof type is a Kingspan sandwich panel, making the installation and mounting of the solar panels even more challenging.

The Solution

Given the roof type, we had to get specially engineered brackets using stainless steel fixings to obtain correct wind region ratings and engineering sign-off.
In order to get the solar panels onto the roof, we had to build 7-meter landing platforms for the solar panels to be stacked onto then relocated to the solar framing for permanent fixing. This was undertaken in conjunction with Concept Crane hire and QSE Evolution ensuring the most care toward safety.