100 kWp Rooftop Solar

21 Genge St Building, Canberra ACT, Australia

100 kWp Rooftop Solar

A 5.5-Star NABERS Energy rated building now targeting 6-Star with the help of ASG an SMA Power up Partner and this newly added 100Kwp PV system with SMA 2x Sunny Tripower CORE1 50-40 Inverters. Such a Project demands the highest calibre of Renewable energy contractors “an SMA Commercial Power Up Partner” ASG.

Project Highlight

This project was challenging every which way from the long cabling runs requiring precise voltage rise calculations to the concrete wet-proofed roof requiring over 1000 ramset fixings and re-waterproofing ASG earned every penny in this project. A great outcome in the extreme conditions and a true showcase of what a leader in the technology industry can and should be able to achieve.

Technical Specs

  • REC Solar 375Kwp x266 modules

  • SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 50-40 Inverter x2 

  • SMA Datamanager M “ Powered by EnnexOS”

  • ASG Class 3 Generator Connection Cubical 

  • SMA Power up Partner Extended Warranty 

  • Targeting 6-Star NABERS Energy Rating

The Challenge

Windy/Hot/High up & not to mention the devastation of the NSW Bushfires blanking the ACT with Smoke causing the worst air quality level in the world for 2 weeks. This project had it all leading into the last 2 weeks of the year presenting its own challenges in itself. From 400mm fixing spacings due to wind loading on the solar framing to limited noisy work hours due to over 1000 Ramset fixings, ASG needed to make up time where it counted. 

The Solution

ASG Selected the SMA Sunny Tripower Core 1 50-40 inverters due to their innovative design allowing largely reduced install time & Commissioning time via the new Data manager M powered by EnnexOS and in turn less time spent in the extreme elements and onsite.