140 kWp Rooftop Solar

Canberra Institute of Technology, Bruce, ACT, Australia

140 kWp Rooftop Solar

ASG designed, supplied and installed this 140 kWp solar PV system at the Canberra Institute of Technology, ACT at the beginning of 2019. The solar PV system comprises of 378 LONGi 370W panels and 5 SMA 25kW inverters. This Solar PV System will allow the Campus to save money on electricity by generating 215 MWh of energy per year exported back into an HV ring main supplying the campus 1 metering point making the whole campus now a Large Generating system.

Project Highlight

Combined with all the other renewable energy on the site, the building exports through 1 NMI energy meter, meaning that the campus becomes a large power plant, and is eligible for the LGC Trading, the campus will benefit from the MW Power consumption annually.
Also, given that CIT is a training institute, they will benefit to further show the students the scale of the systems installed.

Technical Specs

140 kWp PV Solar System378 x 370W LONGi Solar PV modules5 x 25kw SMA Sunny Tripower Inverters

Clenergy Solar framingClass 4 Generator Connection CubicleSMA Data Manager M Monitoring

The Challenge

The building has two different roof types that need two different types of solar framing and different engineering certificates. Also, The size of the system becomes an LGC System, not an STC System so the requirement for additional NMI Metering and Generator connection cubicle requirements had to be engineered and undertaken by ASG.

The Solution

To overcome the challenges we had to study the roof structure to figure out which solar framing to use that meets the wind region ratings for each type of roof, as well as liaising with local authorities and local electrical engineers for the generator connection cubicle and grid protection requirements including extensive injection testing with Rudds Engineering and Evo Energy.