200kW Solar Community

Kingsborough Village, Kingston, ACT, Australia

Kingsborough Village is located in Kingston in Canberra’s inner south. It has quickly become a unique community, home to over 200 residents and expanding to a new section very soon. The complex required the installation of Solar PV Arrays for a total of 40 Terraces, each one has a System of 3kW or 5 kW, depending on the size of the dwelling (2, 3 and 4 bedrooms), combined makes a total of 200kW Solar Community System.

Project Highlight

Australian Smart Group provided the Reposit Power solution as part of the package, allowing the customer to enjoy the multiple benefits of this energy management system. Reposit Power monitors your power usage habits to make predictions on how much energy you will need.

Technical Specs

  • 3kW or 5kW Solar array on each terrace (depending on the size of the dwelling)

  • Reposit Power monitoring software and energy management system.

  • Solax Power station – Compact enclosure that fits:

    • One X1-Hybrid 5kW Solax inverter

    • Up to two 3kWh or 6.5kWh LG Chem batteries battery charger unit.

The Challenge

The structure of the building was a challenge due to the multiple single dwellings ranging from 3 to 4-storey terraces with all individual meters, inverters, PV arrays and Battery storage units to combine one overall renewable energy community.

The Solution

Installing multiple PV arrays per dwelling and coupling that with battery storage utilising a software and hardware product called Reposit Power that maintains, monitors and essentially, does all the thinking for you in regards to how to use the energy that you are generating, storing and tells you when to use that energy.
Also utilising Time of Use electrical plans from utility providers to benefit from being able to buy energy at a cheap rate from the grid and store it on your batteries to be used in peak charge rates when you don’t have enough power being generated behalf from your solar arrays.