Anzac Parade

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Lighting Upgrade

The iconic WWI-inspired, helmet-shaped lighting along Canberra’s ANZAC Parade has been upgraded using an innovative design that has brought the existing plasma lights into the 21st century with LEDs, reducing running costs, & giving the National Capital Authority the ultimate control on the lighting via a new lighting control system.

Project Highlight

ASG designed and commissioned a new lighting control system for the NCA that allowed the control & Lux Level. Adjustment of every single light down the iconic ANZAC Parade.
This was delivered to NCA via a remote client login to an onsite server allowing NCA to visualise the Parade in a Map view and give the NCA the ultimate control for events like ANZAC day when lighting is sequenced to the desired levels and states for the last post.

Key features

This project highlighted ASG's flexibility to work around difficult onsite conditions after hours and technical ability to set up and configure server-client relationships for a simplistic end-user experience.