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SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisitions) is a computer system that analyses networked data in the building (such as equipment, lighting, transmitters, valves and pumps) in real time, and communicates it through a graphical user interface for monitoring and supervisory management from a remote SCADA host platform. This allows the end user to make sure that the networked devices turn on/off at the appropriate set times, and monitor all events and display any alarms, trends and a history of the data.

Premier collaborators, suppliers and technologies used in our services:

  • EISBar, SCADA Head End Visualisations

The Programmable Logic Control (PLC) is a small industrial computer with an inbuilt operating system (OS) that is used to control and continuously monitor machinery and devices, all while communicating vital information that it has collected in real time. It greatly enhances production and optimises functionality. PLCs are built to withstand tough conditions (ruggedised), are easily adaptable, they are modular with high-reliability control, ease of programming and process fault diagnosing.

Premier collaborators, suppliers and technologies used in our services:

  • WAGO
  • NHP

Offer guests amenities customized to their needs and desires. Welcome them in with all the perks and services that building automation can provide – allowing them to control HVAC systems, music, lights, blinds, and media features to wow them with the best experience possible. We design and programme interfaces that are easy to use for both guests and operating staff – allowing for convenience and autonomy. Everything is only a touch-of-a-button away – guaranteeing satisfaction. Use bright displays and touch-screens with integrated controls to optimize not only the user’s experience but to ensure energy efficiency and safety thanks to the easy operational system. These modern building automation technologies are completely adaptable, both currently and in regards to future updates. Let us help your business prosper.

Premier collaborators, suppliers and technologies used in our services:

  • ABB
  • Crestron

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