Commercial Communications Services

ASG has the expertise to design and integrate communication lines and network to your specifications. You can rest assured to give you the most comprehensive service for all your telecommunications requirements. Our exclusive partnerships with premier suppliers guarantee the success of the project and your satisfaction.

We set-up a tailored cabling system using the following products and services:

  • CAT 6, 6A, 7A installations, testing and commissioning
  • Optical Fibre Installations & Maintenance

Australian Smart Group can offer testing and certification services to make sure your communications devices and networks are up to standard compliance. We provide the most comprehensive service to make sure you avoid unnecessary costs and fines and make sure you are working at optimal functionality so as to guarantee the continued success of your organisation. We work with you to ensure that your comms meet the regulatory standards of health & safety, performance, compatibility and quality of all systems and components. We understand the industry requirements and offer our expertise and advice to deliver the most comprehensive service with quality assurance in Australia.

  • Fluke Cable Analysing & Certification

A server room is a requirement for any organisation no matter the size, for it to be effective and secure. Installing data racks gives you the convenience of having all network components, server and/or telephone system in one central location. This way all these can share the support of UPS backup power and patch panels. We deliver data rack system installation that neatly organizes and labels all the many cables, routers and switches which are both cost and time-saving in the case of any eventualities. ASG uses the best technology through our exclusive partnerships with premier suppliers, which is then expertly installed to your specifications by our technicians all over Australia.

Trust our expertise to give you the most efficient design and installation to accommodate your needs, so you can focus on running your business.

  • RU Rack installs
  • Class B&C Rack Installs

Multiple Access Television (MATV) is a system that locates all antennas, cables and components that work to process and amplify FM and TV signals from a central location and distributes it may – allowing users access to free-to-air (FAI) TV, both analogue and digital. It is a much more functional and cost effective system, rather than having to install the individual antennas for each and every TV set which would result in creating feedback loops and other kinds of signal interference (not to mention the eyesore of such a thing). ASG has the best technical team of experts that provide tailored designs and installations of Free-to-Air TV services with a guarantee of quality reception and reliability.

  • Digital MATV

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