Clean Energy Services

Solar powered photovoltaic technology has become much more affordable for businesses and institutions. Australia’s vastest natural resource is its year-round supply of sunshine, which makes it an ideal and cheap source of energy.

Investing in PV solar systems gives you greater control over your energy and a reprieve from the highly volatile energy market. ASG carefully studies your organisation’s consumption profile and delivers a bespoke design that is suited to the premises.

Investing in battery storage means moving away from the volatile market of grid electricity, and towards energy independence and significant long-term cost reductions. The battery can store energy that is produced either from clean energy (like Photovoltaic solar cells) or through conventional means, and then used when you see fit. If paired with clean energy sources, battery storage can maximise its efficiency by integrating it more fully into the power distribution system.
It can also be used to store energy when grid electricity is at its lowest price, helping keep your operational costs down. Battery storage systems deliver optimal efficiency by helping you meet environmental and sustainability standards as they do not emit any CO2 emissions.

Australian Smart Group will ensure you get the highest yield possible out of your PV system. Preventative maintenance will keep payback periods on track, whilst maximising profits and lengthening the service lifetime of your energy system.

  • Test and Inspection of Solar Systems.
  • Cleaning solar panels
  • Preventative PV system maintenance
  • Solar panel service and repair

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