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Australian Smart Group provide a smart home that integrates your home audio visual and entertainment systems to suit your needs and preferences for a seamless and convenient experience. It declutters your electronics, giving you the best and most advanced technologies without taking away from your home’s interior design.

Our Home Entertainment Solutions

Home entertainment systems are found in virtually every home, and it is a hub for complex technologies. It integrates TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray, streaming and music services from different platforms and delivered through a variety of mediums and devices. ASG provides a streamlined control system that brings harmony to this, for your convenience and comfort.

Heighten your experience by doing away with the complexity and embracing home automation technology – delivered by our partnerships with premier manufacturers:

  • Crestron
  • Push Controls by Schneider Electric

Multi-room audio visual systems allow you to play any music or audiobook in any room; just by using your smart device or a smart home controller. Choose in which rooms you want to have music playing, or have something else playing – whether it’s classical in the living room and have the latest hit song in the kitchen. Link it to your own collection, or to a streaming service. And if someone is at the door, the integrated automation control systems can let you know by playing a sound in each room – or have it muted if there’s anyone sleeping.

  • Krix
  • Sonance
  • Bose
  • Crestron

Have a true cinematic experience at home at your own convenience with automation integrated control systems. From your controller or device you can adjust the climate settings, dim the lights, lower the projector or turn your screen on bright, link up with the surround sound that is customised to your preferences – all you need is some buttery popcorn! Access your films either by DVD or Blu-ray, or link up with a streaming service Declutter your home from all the remotes and tangled cables, and improve the interior design of your home by incorporating an integrated home theatre system.

ASG delivers quality, performance and reliability in home automation technology. Have high-definition content throughout your home – at your convenience and for the best entertainment experience. Have all your films, tv shows, music, audiobooks available in any room – without the clutter of boxes and remotes. All your multimedia equipment is consolidated for optimum functionality, design and comfort.

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