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Home Security & Surveillance Solutions

Australian Smart Group understands that in today’s turbulent world issues of access control and security are of paramount importance. We can tailor a system for specific requirements, addressing all your concerns in order to provide the most comprehensive service: protecting your home and limiting your vulnerability to both internal and external threats.

Our Home Security & Surveillance Services

To make sure your home is running smoothly and as it should be a maintenance service is vital. ASG reviews the operational functionality of your home and can help you spot any issues. Residential Electrical maintenance offers a preventative solution, that can help you avoid expensive repairs and nasty surprises. We get the job done on time and budget, and with the best quality under your specifications. ASG understands the complexities and we will take the time to address your concerns and discuss the steps with you throughout the project’s progress all the way to its successful completion.

  • ABB
  • Aiphone
  • Hikvision

Closed circuit television surveillance is crucial to monitor the safety of your home and its legitimate residents. Use video verification to verify alarms, and supervise for intruders or other eventualities with this access control security system. Our multi-purpose CCTV cameras allow for comprehensive surveillance with clear images regardless of the environment. Through this expert service, you can manage vital data with our pioneering technology from our premier manufacturers. The design and installation are bespoke to your home’s needs, with modifications ready to be made in order to address all your concerns.

  • Hikvison
  • Axxon
  • Mobotix
  • Avigilon

Our robust alarm systems provide both physical and electronic monitoring that offers a holistic security service for your home. We incorporate your safety requirements in the design, installation and maintenance of the alarm system. ASG has the expertise to supply an integrated alarm system that addresses the concerns and complexities of the property and its environment. We ensure your safety and peace of mind with our alarm systems against intruders and other eventualities.

Biometric systems are in high demand due to the convenience and total security they afford, especially in our ever-increasing digitized world which presents new risks and security threats daily. Contrary to popular belief, biometrics can actually simplify your home security, and at affordable prices. We have a range of options available with this technology, including fingerprint modules and iris scanners in order to provide the most comprehensive and reliable security service for your home.

Near Field Communications is an affordable state-of-the-art technology that provides short-range contactless communication, which can be linked to mobile phones and other devices. It is a way to identify the user and that way control and manage accessibility. Access control systems are paramount for the safety and operational efficiency of any home, regardless of size. ASG provides a reliable and versatile service to identify, manage, register and track all residents and visitors entering and exiting your home. We offer bespoke options that best fit your needs.

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