Smart Home Automation Services in Canberra

Smart Home Automation Services in Canberra

We’ve talked a lot on the blog about the benefits of smart homes but you might be wondering – what exactly is a smart home? What features can be included and how will they make my life easier?

From those looking to be at the cutting edge of a new technology, to those looking to make their home efficient and environmentally friendly, to mature and disabled individuals looking to keep living independently – smart homes help to achieve those goals.

Here we’ll go over the smart home services that ASG offer. Any combination of these features is possible, depending on your wants and of course tailored to fit your budget. Contact us if you have any more questions – we’re more than happy to help.

Home Automation

More and more homes in Australia, in Canberra and across the wider ACT, use smart home automation systems to both increase comfort and convenience while improving energy management. The trend holds for both renovations and new builds.

Home automation means the key systems in your home – lighting, heating and cooling, shades and blinds, irrigation, security and more are linked up into a network and controlled from smart devices such as your phone or tablet. Smart homes are more energy efficient, more tailored to your individual needs and more secure.

Lighting Control
Lighting automation allows you complete control of the brightness and mood of your building. Australian Smart Group have been at the forefront of lighting control in Canberra – it was the first company to design and install the market leading DALI lighting control systems in the area. We provide bespoke design services to ensure your lighting works best with your home decor and lifestyle.

Integrate lighting control with the rest of your smart home network to automatically adjust brightness levels according to outdoor light, blind positions and home entertainment system use.

Temperature Control
Not only can ASG deliver efficient heating and air conditioning systems, we can design and implement temperature control systems that adapt themselves to your preference. From making sure you’re warm on a cold winter morning to keeping you cool summer, after an initial learning phase it will start to automatically adapt to your preferences in each room.

Temperature control automation also looks after your energy bills – cooling and heating systems are powered down to conserve energy when the smart home senses the building is unoccupied. Integration with other smart home systems such as blind controls augment the effect, blocking harsh sunlight to stop your home getting too hot.

Water and Irrigation Control
The biggest cause of unexpected home expenses – water. A overlooked leak can cause thousands of dollars of property damage before it becomes apparent to residents. Building features which use large quantities of water such as swimming pools or irrigation systems cause recurring enormous expenses.

ASG’s smart irrigation controllers maximise efficient water consumption – sensors take into account ambient conditions and local weather, reducing waste water while maximising areas covered. The entire building water system can also be monitored for consumption levels, temperature, flow and pressure. Anomalies can be detected before they become problematic and leaks can be dealt with before costly damage is caused.

And More!
While home automation usually brings to mind control of the big home systems – temperature, water, energy – it’s possible to integrate so much more. Program your blinds to block harsh sunlight in summer and keep your building cool, or wake you up with natural light. Set louvres to open and close with the weather. Even turn on your oven with your smartphone so your dinner can be ready when you arrive from work. There’s no end of ways that home automation can make your life more hassle-free.

Solar and battery storage

Australia and Canberra have seen a huge explosion in residential solar panels – and there’s no sign of a slowdown. At the same time, electricity bills have gotten painfully high and summer power outages threaten your air-conditioned comfort.

By adding smart technology and battery storage to your PV systems, you can reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills. Smart solar inverters optimise your solar self-consumption, keeping your peak-time electricity draw to a minimum and your home battery topped up when it’s most convenient – without your input. As a bonus, home battery storage provides a convenient source of backup power in case of a blackout.

Security & Surveillance

For residential, commercial and public spaces, security is a paramount concern. Australian Smart Group integrate our extensive range of access control and surveillance equipment from leading vendors with your smart building network.

With CCTV, Biometrics, Video & Audio Intercom and Alarm Systems, manage and monitor your security environment from one centralised system. Our bespoke designs and installations can be made suitable for any building type, required level of security and budget.

Audio Visual & Entertainment

So far we’ve focused on the practical benefits smart home automation can bring – how about something a little more fun? Integrating your AV & entertainment systems into your smart network gives you complete control over your experience in every room.

Combine inputs from Blu-ray, DVD, TV and streaming services so they can be displayed from any screen in your home, yet managed from the same controller hub. Have Bach in your bedroom while Queen plays in your kitchen with multi-room audio. You can even use smart technology to control the perfect home cinema experience.

Smart Voice

Slick home automation is no use without the means to control it. While it is possible to control your smart home from a computer, tablet or smartphone, many of our customers prefer the flexibility and comfort of voice control.

Australian Smart Group are an approved integrator of Smart Voice, another Australian cutting-edge technology company. Smart Voice is a cloud-based voice platform, supporting the integration of home automation controllers such as CBUS Wiser 2/NAC/SHAC, PUSH, Nero or Airtopia with Smart Speakers such as Sonos One, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and soon to come Apple HomePod.


Why choose Australian Smart Group to set up your Canberra smart home?
As well as complete design and installation services for smart homes, Australian Smart Group are qualified electrical contractors. From electrical maintenance services to wireless internet to MATV, we can provide any number of electrical solutions for your commercial or residential building. Not only can we set up new installations correctly, we can ensure they are seamlessly integrated with your home automation environment.


Want to know more about smart home features or how your home can be improved with smart technology? Australian Smart Group offer complete smart home and home automation services in Canberra – and we’re always available to answer your questions.

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